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How it works

Learn how to set up and use Hightag

Get a tag

Grab a Hightag from a retailer near you, or order one online.
Get a Hightag.

Get the app

Download the Hightag app and create an account. Navigate to the My Tag screen and add the tag to your account.
Download the Hightag app.

Attach your tag

Attach your tag to your bike's down tube using the adhesive strip on the back.
Graphic indicating where to mount your tag to your bike (on the underside of the bike's down tube).

Activate your tag

Start a Hightag Pro membership or activate for a one-day fee.
Graphic of mobile phone illustrating different ways to activate (daily or annually).

Hit the trails

Go ride! Hightag Capture Points will automatically snap photos as you pass by.
Capture points automatically send action shots to your account.

Download & share

All of your photos are instantly available in the Hightag app for you to view, download, and share.
View, download, and share all of your images from the Hightag mobile app.

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